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Trial KOKESHI painting

KOKESHI is traditional wooden doll at Tohoku region


Wooden kokeshi dolls are one of Zao Onsen’s traditional souvenirs. They have been sold to visitors since the end of the Edo period. It is our hope that purchasing and/or participating in the Kokeshi Painting Experience will deepen your appreciation of Zao Onsen and its culture.
Our instructors will guide you in painting the face and your choice of a chrysanthemum or sakura flower patterned kimono in the traditional Zao Onsen style.

Please make a reservation before 3PM. Thank you for your cooperation.

Trial KOKESHI painting fee


Kokeshi doll trial painting 2

With Drink and cake set 2000 yen
Includes with drink and cake painting.

How to apply: please make sure by 1 day before ,Or
on day morning only. (please be aware it would not be available depends on a day)
Please ask us.

Why not try to make your own souvenir with painting the traditional wooden doll (KOKESHI)?


Workflow of KOKESHI painting

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