”必ず行くからそれまでなんとか耐え忍んで‼”という激励のお言葉にも励まされまだまだ辞められない!なんとかstand up できるようgood staffも集結してもらいながらなんとか夏、更なる冬をむかえられるよう精進してまいりますので引き続きご支援、ご愛顧のほどよろしくお願いいたします。

と同時に料理ができる、英語ができる、力仕事ができる、マネージングもできるなどなど one teamとしてヘルプしていただけるスタッフも常時募集しておりますので、そちらもよろしくお願いいたします。

WE are going to close 2020-2021 season in 3 days ,Although under Covid-19 , we are thanking to the guests who came and enjoyed with us this season also, even if cannot come and see us becasue of suspending border of country and rule of company etc, we appreciated that you sent thoughtful and kindness encouraged message.

We will make effort to keep faith and be able to see you all of our Scole mates soon

Please keep in touch and corporate and help us to standing up again we also will do our best to be with you

Thank you again see you in next summer and winter  season we hope !!!

Kind regards

P.S We also keep requireing good staff to be our team regulary coming back.